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To be admitted to practice in Australia, as a graduate you need to undertake work experience as part of your Practical Legal Training (PLT). It is up to you to organise the standard requirement of 75 days (15 weeks) of paid or voluntary supervised work experience in an approved work placement.


You can undertake a PLT-approved work placement via a corporate clerkship or at a community legal centre (CLC) or other non-government organisation (NGO). Overseas placements are feasible if they are undertaken in countries with common law jurisdictions.

Please be aware, however, that positions with CLCs will be unpaid.

Current PLT work placement opportunities are advertised on our home page.

Alternatively, you can individually enquire into PLT opportunities at certain CLCs or NGOs. However, it is up to you to check that they fulfill the requirements for an approved PLT work placement. A list of major CLCs in Australia can be found here.